Unique identification system
Catering, vending, car parking, accesses and presence in business schools


IESE Business School is one of the best international business schools, devoted to training and development of business leaders from all round the world.
A need has arisen to implant an access, presence, car park, catering, vending and student-services management system. ICNITA set itself the objective of using a unique solution (using the student, employee or teaching staff card as the only format of identification) to group together all the functions that IESE required.


ICNITA implants all the above-mentioned systems required by IESE, managing them through a software platform that links to the ERP system used by the school.

  1. This is a unique identification system through proximity cards (RFID), where in a unique solution it is possible to manage interior and outer door accesses (offices, lecture/seminar rooms, auditoriums).
  2. The same identification allows authorised persons to access the precinct’s car park (the car park is managed by an outside company, with which we integrate systems and services).
  3. In the case of employees and teaching staff, this identification is also used for presence and working-time management.
  4. The same identity card allows students and teaching staff to use the photocopy services as well as the precinct’s catering and vending services, with the same card at all times as payment means (prepayment in the case of students, and credit payment in the case of employees and teaching staff).


IESE manages to unify a number of processes and functionalities into a unique identification system for students, employees and teaching staff.
This results in increased profitability thanks to integrating processes into a distinctive quality solution.

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